Tuscany Intimate Wedding Photographer

Venue: Belmond Villa San Michele

If you are looking for the ideal place for your Italian wedding, Tuscany offers an idyllic backdrop with its rolling hills and rustic charm.

Focus on Outdoor Natural Light

We focuse on outdoor and natural light photography, which creates a romantic and timeless portrait. We specialize in capturing the essence of those special moments without over-staging or manipulating the scene into an artificial setting. We use bright sunlight in the afternoon, twilight hours, and postcard sunsets to help create stunning wedding images that will transport you back to your perfect day time and time again.

Creative Composition and Framing

We have a knack for composition and framing that will capture your natural beauty inside and outside. We strive to use creative angles and highlight any details that tell the story of the day. From the groom’s bow tie to the bride’s break-out dance, we’ll be there to document it all in a romantic yet unobtrusive way. We take care to ensure every part of the photo is framed correctly, down to the decorations or small details that make your wedding photos special.

Careful Notice of Backdrops

Of course, one of the most important elements when it comes to capturing your wedding day is having a beautiful backdrop and perfect lighting. We take special care to scout out the best locations that show off stunning Tuscan views while being sure to capture natural light in an ideal way. Our experience with shooting in different times of day allows us to know when the perfect time to grab a shot will be, ensuring you get the right angles and perfect pictures every time.

Perfect the Timing for Perfect Photos

Working with natural light doesn’t just mean a beautiful background and perfect atmosphere – timing is also key. Our experience allows us to know when the perfect time of the day or night will be for each type of photo you’d like to capture. Whether it’s early in the afternoon for those ceremony and groups shots, or at sunset when the sun gives it best in colors harmony, we know how to make sure each photo is perfectly timed and angled so it looks beautiful on your special day.